Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want?

Do you know what you want? Is it clear in your mind? Can you write it down? So take a minute, make a list of the things you want for each of the seven areas below.

Have you already asked for it? Not only in thoughts, but also in words and writing. Do the people around you know how much you want it?

If you close your eyes, can you feel what it’s like to have what you want? Could you describe it?

Have you been saying “thank you universe” enough? For what you already have and for what is on it’s way for you?

After you do this small exercise, just trust.


  1. Body/ Health
  2. Relationships (Love/Family/Friends)
  3. Community
  4. Work
  5. Fun and Travel
  6. Spirituality
  7. Education, and Continued Learning
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  • Michele Silveira
    Posted at 17:59h, 06 January Reply

    O did the exercise and I loved it! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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