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To improve your performance at work, you need to start by building a clear action plan with strong deadlines and discipline. I can help you create a powerful routine that will bring energy and a clear mind for you to listen to yourself and to those you admire to get to where you want to go as fast as possible.


As a business person, no matter how much experience you have, you must get clarity before making your next steps. To see things from different angles and find new ways to succeed. I have been an employee and an employer in different industries. I can coach you through different scenarios to overcome and welcome challenges.


Are you at an intersection in your career path and not sure which way to take? Would you like to avoid making wrong decisions?  Would you feel safer if you had someone experienced and reliable to talk to, to discuss your possible actions? I can help you design a transition plan to move forward.


I help my clients:

* get better results at work.
* feel safer, more inspired and free.
* think and get clarity on their best next steps
* see things from different angles to find new ways to succeed
* impact the lives of the people around them positively.
* not even notice the time because they’re doing something that they’re good at.

No matter how much experience or power they have, employee or employer, they feel they could do better if they had someone to talk to, to discuss their possible actions.

They trust me and my understanding of the “work game”. I have been an employee in different industries, a leader, and a business owner. As an employee, I have had good and bad bosses. As an employer, I have managed small and big teams. I have hired and trained hundreds of employees and when needed, I have fired people. That gives me a 360-degree view of the work market that adds value to my coaching program.

Some clients know where they want to go, but they don’t know how to get there. Others are not sure where they want to go. Either way, I can help them make decisions based on facts to move forward.

Are you facing an intersection or a roadblock at work? Do you miss more freedom and flexibility? In the “corporate game” or as a business owner, with my career transition experience, I can help you.

With 20+ years of coaching, mentoring and training leaders and entrepreneurs from different countries, as a professional certified international coach with a strong commercial and entrepreneurial background, my mission is to help my clients build a healthier work future for them and those around them.

Career Coach.PCC. Business Mentor. MBA.Founder of LinkedEnglish & MaxiCareerCoaching. DigitalNomadMom. Learning.Teaching. Traveling. Born in Brazil, raised in the US, digital nomad mom. US, Spain, and Brazil. English and Portuguese are native languages. Fluent in Spanish.

E-book: 5 steps to start your digital business

The future of work is digital and exciting. Get ready.
To start, we have prepared this 5 step course with some simple,
yet powerful exercises to get you started.


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